Leading a team of 20+ people through Boston can be hard enough. Add in 2,000 other people, and it makes it nearly impossible to keep tabs on your teammates. Worry no more! In 2016, we introduced you to PubRally.  What is PubRally?

Yes, we all love going out with our friends - especially for big events such as the IPC. However, we all know that in every group there is that 'one friend' who always goes missing. You spend hours searching the bars, asking bouncers, calling all of your friends -just to find out they have been sitting in the nearest pizza joint indulging in some drunken munchies. Well, we believe we have found a way to eliminate this possibility.

With the PubRally app, you will be able to view your friends location right on the map!

The app is totally free! Prior to the event, you will receive an invitation from the IPC to join the crawl. The invitation will contain a numeric key for you to enter to join the crawl. Once you are on board, you will be able to see a list of all of the participating pubs, as well as view them on the map. As additional crawlers join, they will be pinned on the map for you to see.






Now Captains need not worry about leaving troops behind. With the convenient chat feature, you will be able to communicate with your entire team with one message.  Now
 you can give your entire team a heads up on when you are leaving the pub, and where you're headed next. 

Hate showing up at a pub, just to end up waiting in line? Another beneficial feature when it comes to using PubRally, is the ability to find out where the crowds are. Are you headed over to Ned Devine's? Open the app and check out how many crawlers are in the area. If you notice it is overcrowded, you can send a message to your team and let them know with just one click!


The Irish Pub Challenge is a day to have fun and let loose, so let this app alleviate any stress of the bumps in the road that may occur along the way!


Irish Pub Challenge

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