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Chad No More - Welcome, Max!

We are saddened to announce that Chad Johnson will no longer be joining us at IPC 2018. Unfortunately, Chad had prior obligations that he has to attend to and can no longer be a part of our 10th anniversary.

Instead, we will be having Max Hodges, host and traveler extraordinaire. Max Hodges is known for his six-year run on TMZ and his time on Millionaire Matchmaker. Not only is he a well-known Reality TV personality, he is also an adventurer, family guy, and well-rounded person. His love for traveling allowed him to venture off into Central America and Ecuador where he helped build schools. Additionally, he is down to earth and enjoys the company of the people he loves. Although his career path has not been smooth sailing, his passion for travel and genuine human interaction cannot go unnoticed. To him, relationships and following his dreams are more important than a job behind a desk which is why we are so excited to have him join us. We are excited to welcome Max into the Irish Pub Challenge family and can't wait for you all to witness the unimaginable energy that he brings with him wherever he goes!



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