Get ready, Boston is about to go green - IPC style!
You will not find another Pub Crawl out there that will give you the experience the IPC does. With nearly 
4,000 participants, the streets of Boston are flooded with a sea of green as crawlers travel to our 30+ participating pubs along the route. 
Our Staff and Volunteers will be there to guide you every step of the way. 
Create a Team with your friends, or join a Pub Team and meet some new ones. 
Either way, get prepared to go head to head in this year's Irish Pub Challenge!



With your ticket purchase, you will be automatically entered in this year's raffle to win our Grand Prize. 
The winner will receive two tickets (airfare included) for a 5 night trip to Ireland, where they will represent the Irish Pub Challenge while they embark on the ultimate pub tour.
Additional raffle tickets my be purchased for $5 each, which 100% of every donation will be split between our charities. 



Ticket Types:

1. Individual Ticket - Join one of our Pub Teams
Pub Teams have been pre-registered. All you have to do is select which Team you would like to become a member of when prompted at checkout.

2. Team Ticket - Join a Custom Team
If someone you know decides to become a Team Captain and Register a Custom Team, you can sign up specifically for their team. Once you select to purchase a Team Ticket, you will be asked to enter the Team Name you would like to join. 

3. Team Ticket - Create a Custom Team
A Custom Team can be created by any individual wishing to Captain his or her own team. The Captain will choose a unique team name (that will be displayed on the back of the teams IPC Shirts) and register their team for others to join. Captains will receive an IPC Captain's Shirt and will also receive a refund on their ticket purchase once their team is official. Each Custom Team must meet the 50 person minimum in order to be eligible. (Team must meet requirements or members will be placed on Pub Teams based on availability)



Irish Pub Challenge

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